Castle Rock Health Club Fitness Programs

Whether you’re a beginner just trying to improve your health or a hard-core weightlifter, we have the right programs for you. Click on each fitness program below to read more.

Fitness Programs

circle-groupexGroup Exercise

Group Exercise classes are amazing workouts cleverly disguised as fun. From Zumba to Yoga, we offer many different classes so you can mix it up and try something new. Check out one of our group classes today. Read more ›


Barre is an exciting and poised way to get you into the best shape of your life. Our Barre group exercise program will help you sculpt long, lean muscles. Read more ›


Pilates is total body conditioning that targets developing a strong core to create a toner body. We focus on the correct use of breath and body alignment to improve your posture, balance and coordination utilizing our new reformers. Read more ›

circle-trainingPersonal Training

Our personal trainers come ready to inspire and take an innovative approach to program design. They will design a program to make you feel confident and comfortable. We want to empower you to understand fitness and all the components to reach your goals. Read more ›



We’ve created an all new workout experience that’s not just a class, but Group Personal Training. You will have a trainer there to correct your form for safety, to motivate, encourage and challenge you at every workout. Read more ›