logo-fitzoneRevitalize your workout with this cutting edge program utilizing heart rate monitors for incredible results that keep the calories burning all day long.

We’ve taken the proven method of Functional Metabolic Resistance Training (which trains all the muscles of your body and burns more calories per workout), and combined it with state-of-the-art Heart Rate Zone Training (which gives real-time feedback of your workout intensity), and put it in a Circuit Style-Interval Training Program.

Our qualified staff of Certified Personal Trainers will lead you through this high energy group circuit class with one-on-one attention.

comp-session-fitzoneWhat sets FitZone apart is:

  • Diverse Circuits & Equipment
  • Fresh Unique Workouts Every Day
  • Utilizes the Latest Technology
  • Heart Rate Driven Workout

Your MyZone Belt gives you live feedback during your workout and emails you a summary report after each session.

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