Pump up the music and intensity and REDEFINE YOURSELF with Pilates at Canyon Fitness. More than just your standard Pilates class, this fun, fast paced, innovative program takes Pilates to a whole new level.

Our unique PHIT formula challenges the body and mind while supercharging your calorie burn. Combining traditional Pilates’ equipment (Reformer, Tower and Mat work) with the latest trends in fitness movement (TRX, Kettle-Bells and Resistance Equipment) you will get the best of both worlds. The speed and versatility of this class will keep your body and mind guessing. You will receive a high energy, full body workout that concludes with a well-deserved cool down of dynamic stretching and relaxation.

Our comprehensively trained and certified Pilates Instructors will lead you through this high energy interval training.


  • High-energy small-group training
  • Only 6 in a class to ensure everyone receives personal attention.
  • Affordable pricing, and a variety of class times

Get Personal

  • Private Pilates training
  • Personalized attention and individualized program
  • Accountability, motivation and positive feedback
  • Learn correct form and technique in a safe environment

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